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At Thrive Fitness Plus, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way.

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We’re thrilled to have you join our fitness community. At Thrive Fitness Plus, we’re more than just a gym; we’re a lifestyle. Our mission is to create a supportive environment that enhances the lives of our members. We’ve compiled some common questions. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

How do I start my 7 Day Free Trial?

Simply reach out to Johnna at johnna@thrivefitnessplus. Just send her the words “free trial,” and she’ll take care of the rest! Alternatively, if you have specific goals or preferences, feel free to share them with Johnna, and she’ll guide you in the right direction.

How do payments work?

When you start your membership, your first payment is processed right away. After that, you’ll be billed on the same day every month, no stress or fuss involved. It’s our way of ensuring you have smooth and seamless access to our facilities and services.

Is there a sign-up fee? A contract?

Nope, not at all! Here at Thrive Fitness Plus, we keep things simple and personal. That’s why we’ve done away with sign-up fees and contracts. Our memberships are all about convenience and flexibility, operating on a month-to-month basis, automatically renewing until you decide to cancel.

But hey, we’re all about honesty too. If you decide to rejoin within less than 6 months of canceling, there’s a small $35.00 service charge. It’s just to cover the resources needed to get you back on board smoothly.

Can I freeze my membership?

Of course! Life happens, and we’re here to support you through it all. Planning a quick getaway or work trip? No worries! For short breaks, like vacations lasting 3-to-13 days, we’ll simply roll over any unused Semi-Private Sessions or Group Fitness Classes. It’s our way of ensuring you get the most out of your membership.

Now, for those longer breaks exceeding 13 days, we’ve got your back too. We’re more than happy to hit the pause button on your membership, as long as you have an end date, so you won’t be billed for any unused services during that time. Because at Thrive Fitness Plus, we’re not just a gym – we’re family, and we’ve always got your best interests at heart.

Why are you more more expensive than other gyms?

At Thrive Fitness Plus, we’re more than just a gym – we’re a tight-knit community where every member is valued and supported. We don’t see you as just clients; you’re part of our family.

Beyond offering personalized programs tailored to our members’ unique needs, we go above and beyond to build meaningful connections. We take the time to truly understand each individual on a personal level, forging genuine relationships that extend far beyond the gym walls. Because to us, it’s about more than just physical fitness – it’s about your overall well-being and happiness.

We believe that enjoying your fitness journey is key to achieving lasting results. We understand that working out isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, so we strive to create an environment where you feel welcomed, supported, and genuinely excited to be a part of.

How does personalized programming work?

Individualized programming at our facility starts with a general program to assess your unique needs. Once we understand your goals, past and present injuries, and preferences, your program is customized to you. Our aim is to improve your functional movement, ensuring you can perform daily activities pain-free.

What do you mean when you call your members, "The Pack"?

When we refer to our members as “The Pack,” it’s more than just a catchy phrase – it’s a reflection of the close-knit community we’ve built together. We see each other as more than just gym buddies; we’re a family.

Our pack is a supportive and uplifting community that motivates us to push our limits, even when the going gets tough. We’re there for each other through every squat, every sprint, and every challenge.

Just like a pack of wolves, we look out for one another, offering encouragement, support, and accountability every step of the way. The relationships formed within our pack aren’t just gym buddies – they’re lifelong friendships built on trust, respect, and shared goals.

So when we say “The Pack,” we’re talking about more than just a group of individuals – we’re talking about a family united by a common purpose: to thrive together.